The Ordering Platform

with you* in mind.

*You being you! iBe works seamlessly for customers, and even better for businesses.


Sell more per order, increase average spend, and see how iBe can propel your business forward.

Cut to the Chase.



Yeah. You read that right.
No hidden fees either!



No app downloads
means quicker ordering. 



Table ordering, delivery
& collection in one place.

Make iBe

your own.

Make iBe

your own.

Full Customisability

In a Nutshell.

iBe is fully capable of fitting into any business, and harnessing the full power of your brand to enhance and elevate the simple ordering experience. From styling your page to constructing your menu, you have full creative freedom to make iBe an extension of your brand, not just an ordering system.

   Power your business with iBe

Easy for you.

Easy for customers.


Average Spend Increase

By adding irresistible options to dishes, full-size images of your food and iBe’s simple pricing layout.


Order multiple times per visit

Thanks to our instant loyalty rewards system. Customise your loyalty rate to allow money off the customer’s next orders.



Oh sorry, did we mention that already?

See how iBe can

enhance your business

Deliver your way.


Built in Click & Collect and Delivery options, possible through our third-party driver network.

All Out!

Instantly disable products automatically to prevent over-ordering

No Hidden Fees

Here’s everything:

  Card Transaction Fees

  Low Monthly Subscription



Allowing customers to order from you and anyone else!

Turn over customers quicker, increase average spend per head and customer satisfaction in one fell swoop with iBe.

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The Menu of your Dreams

On iBe, even the most complicated menus can be broken down and simplified, to make it as easy as possible for the customers to order.


Break products down and build them back up again, with additions, extras, items on the side, special requests and more! iBe makes your menu a lot more digestible (not sorry for that pun).

iBe Aftercare

iBe’s finest, keeping you running optimally from the moment you start your journey with us

On-Hand Support

Our support team are there to assist with any questions or issues you may have about iBe! If you’re having any problems, we have a knowledgeable squad of technicians at your disposal to help resolve them. We’ll have you back up to speed in no time.

Menu Optimisation

We know that your menu is going to be absolutely irresistible, and we’re here to help you make it look that way on iBe! From recommendations on imagery, categorising things correctly and configuring your add-ons and extras, we’re here to make sure you and your customers are happier than ever.

Customer Contact

If your customers have any issues out of your control, our support team are there to take the stress off your hands! We can resolve delivery issues, process refunds, pass on feedback, and of course, we’ll check with you first if anything majorly affects you.

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App Branding

Making iBe your own is now simpler than ever. The iBe team can show you the ropes and assist with suitable colouring to use, advise and assist on great ways to design your category images, and coordinate your banners and icons so that your business looks top notch.

Great companies powered by iBe:
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iBe won’t set you back as much as other platforms.

By a country mile.

0% Commission

No commission on a single sale!

No charge!

0% Commission

No commission on a single sale!

No charge!

Card Processing Fees

A small fraction of each sale to cover our own fees

Max. Typically

1.75% + 10p

Card Processing Fees

A small fraction of each sale to cover our own fees

Max. Typically

1.75% + 10p

Then choose one of the following

We offer you the choice of one of the two following fees:

iBe Service Charge

A fee added on each order, paid by the customer

10p on orders < £5

99p on orders > £5


Paid by the customer


iBe Order Charge

A fee taken from each order, paid by you

3% Order Value


Paid by you

When using iBe’s Delivery system, our third party ‘Stuart’ charges their own fees for their delivery services. This can, however, be 100% passed on to the customer.

So, shall we get started?