Enabling & Disabling Locations

Disabling your locations removes the location tile from appearing in searches on the iBe app. This is useful when:

  • A location is no longer trading for any amount of time
  • You are overwhelmed with orders and want to stop taking them temporarily
  • A location was pulled through from your till provider when syncing that you don’t want on iBe


Disabling a Location


To disable a location, go to ‘Locations’ on the left menu, and click the ‘Settings’ button on the location you wish to disable.

You then need to uncheck the box that says ‘Enable Location?’, and click the blue ‘Update’ button (shown below). This will stop your location showing on the iBe app. Anyone currently completing an order will then encounter an error message when they try to check out their basket.


Re-enabling the location once you’re ready to so is just a case of re-checking the box you just unchecked. This will make the location reappear on the iBe app.


If you wish to disable individual products, so that they can’t be sold, you can do this from the ‘Products’ button on the left menu. This is the best way to manage out of stock items, as opposed to completely removing your location from the app.

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