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“Cutlery Works Food Hall is a hub for everyone’s inner foodie. There’s something for everyone here, with food and drinks hailing from across the globe. Mix and match from our hand-picked vendors to create your own incredible food journey.”


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Cutlery Works is our official first vendor on iBe! It’s not a single business, though. Cutlery Works is a food hall with 12 unique vendors serving food to everyone there. These are all separate businesses, so we’re looking forward to a lot of varied constructive feedback from everyone. From curries, to craft beer, to pizzas, korean fried chicken and burgers, all the way to award-winning chocolate, Cutlery Works has just about anything you could ask for.


With Cutlery Works being our first vendor, we’ve ensured that all the staff on site are geared up to show the general public how iBe works. Cutlery Works used to have their own app, which had many downsides that the venue wanted to get away from. With iBe, they’ve seen that all of their issues with their previous app have been solved, and are looking forward to using it. They will, however be running the two apps alongside each other, just in case anyone has any real issue against using iBe. To help the venue make the switch, we at iBe are offering to transfer any loyalty points accrued on the old app to iBe. This will hopefully motivate people to try a new way of ordering, and see how the loyalty system has improved tremendously!


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Cutlery Works have been such a trend-setter in the up-and-coming Kelham Island area in Sheffield. We hope that with them on board, iBe can grow outwards from there, and help to make iBe a platform people keep coming back to time and time again, instead of using it once to order at Cutlery Works, and never use it again. With iBe’s innovative community loyalty system, this should be easier done than said!





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