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“Satan’s Glaze is not just a Donut, it’s a cult defined by the lust of everything luxuriously Gluttonous. Donuts, Coffee, Shakes and Vegan friendly.”



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“One hell of a donut!” – direct quote from many who’ve tried some of the delicacies from Satan’s Glaze, based in Sheffield. These are donuts with no real barriers. It’s best to not even stick them in the same class as other doughnuts, as these are like full desserts packed into a donut-looking package. Truly delicious, and well worthy of your time and attention.


With Satan’s Glaze, get your order in by 5pm on Tuesday, and get your Donuts delivered that same friday! Or if you’re planning way ahead of time, you’re able to order up to 2 weeks in advance. Get either a custom box of 2 donuts of your choice, 2 set boxes of 4, ‘the Four Horsemen’ or ‘The Four Entities’, or treat yourself to every single donut Satan’s Glaze does by getting ‘Octophobia’. Or properly treat yourself and get more than one box!


The Goods

’70s Street Munchies’

‘Pie Felicia’

‘The OG’


With names like ‘Dead of Night’ and ‘Morgue-arita’, you know you’re in for a good time. The description of the first donut mentioned there is enough to make you order a box or two: “Three loaded different chocolate coverings, thick oozing chocolate ganache filling, pounded with chocolate mixed biscuit crumble topping”. Crazy, or what?





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