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In iBe v3, categories have had a huge facelift, and managing them has changed slightly!    Jump To: 1. Adding/Removing Categories 2. Category Images 3. Re-Ordering Categories   Your categories are presented more visually in iBe v3, appearing as...

Once everything is set up for you to start accepting orders on the Lightspeed POS system, in a few cases, things may be running quite slowly. In this guide, we'll be showing...

Jump to: Location Banner Image Logo/Icon Image Product Images     The images you upload to iBe are more important than they may seem at first.   Your location's image, banner and location page is the first...

(Note: This feature is still being finalised and is subject to change. Information is correct and relevant as of 05/10/2020, but functionality should not change too much from this point)   Accepting orders on...