Version Update – 1.2

Version 1.2

New Payment Gateway and Delivery Mini-Sites!


We’ve now updated our payment gateway to Braintree! Our testing gateway has now been retired and things will be a lot smoother from here on. People who have already used the app will need to re-add their cards, unfortunately, but this will be the last time they will have to! (Unless they get a new card themselves) . For newcomers to the app, the card-adding process will be a breeze.



  • NEW!: Braintree now official iBe Payment Gateway Partner
    • No longer need to type in the billing address to verify payment cards
    • Card-adding interface now a lot nicer-looking and more responsive to older devices
    • Users with cards registered with the old gateway will have to re-add their cards (but it will be quicker this time!)
    • The iBe Team is now better able to identify payment issues to assist with support
  • NEW!: iBe will now notify you if you try to ‘Order to Table’ from a venue that is over 0.2 miles away
  • Removed old (ugly) red message which warned about being too far away from a venue and trying to ‘Order to Table’
  • Fixed performance issues on older devices during login


iBe Ordering


We’re currently working away at getting Delivery and Click & Collect into the app! In the meantime, we’ve created ‘iBe Ordering’; a set of mini-sites for everyone currently wanting to offer delivery and click & collect. It can be accessed from This is a temporary measure until these features are live in the app, but they’re working really well. We’ve managed to integrate Stuart, our delivery partner into these websites as well, so that the drivers can get used to the name ‘iBe’!


Each site is personalised to the venue, using their colour scheme, logos, fonts and product images, so each site feels unique. These sites are also very flexible in how we can set them up, so for anyone with unusual delivery systems and the need to pre-order items will be able to have their own mini-site created!

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