Version Update – Beta 0.2

Version 0.2

Initial Beta Release


Welcome to iBe! …kind of. This date marks our first public release of iBe, and we’ve scheduled this release to be fully tested in the real world in Cutlery Works in Sheffield! iBe is an app ordering solution currently being provided at £0 per month to businesses, to help with the current lockdown situation. We’re also charging 0% commission on sales, which goes against everything the other platforms are currently doing, where commissions can get up to 30%!


You can access the app on any mobile device at, where you can do everything you’d be able to do on the downloadable version, coming soon!


This testing will help to identify any issues and problems that we haven’t caught in our internal testing. We’ve got a full team at Cutlery Works ready to guide people through the new app, which has replaced Cutlery Works’ previous app; ‘The Milestone Group App’.


Currently in iBe, customers are able to:

  • Create an iBe account, with a username and password
  • Add a payment card, which authenticates via address search
  • Order from every vendor in Cutlery Works to their table
  • Earn loyalty points on their spending, calculated at 1 point for every point spent, and each point being worth 10p
  • Use points against purchases for a discount on their orders
  • See their order receipt history once orders have been completed


For an extended period (up to the 2nd November), we are actually offering customers of the milestone group app to transfer their loyalty points across to iBe, as a kind of “Welcome to iBe!”, as well as a nice introduction to how the loyalty system works.


Business users at Cutlery Works have a good amount of benefits over the previous app solution used there. There’s now a lot more freedom to customise how they appear on the app, and what products are visible to customers, which wasn’t simply done previously. Business customers are able to:

  • Manage their business from their own iBe Dashboard, accessible via any web browser
  • Change their location information, such as photos, description, product images and opening times
  • Disable their location if they’re overwhelmed with orders
  • Add/Remove products in a free account of the Lightspeed POS system
  • Sync their app with the Lightspeed POS system to add new products before service


We’re very lucky to get such a large venue to test the app in! We’ll be carrying out extensive work to monitor how the app performs in this situation, and luckily, since it’s a web app, instead of a downloadable version on the Apple and Android stores, we’re able to distribute fixes to the app quickly without having to go through the entire app approval process.


We hope you love iBe as much as we do, and we look forward to you trying it out.

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