Version Update – Beta 0.2.16

Version 0.2.16

Our last step before 1.0!


We’re almost there! This is our last beta version of iBe before we release version 1.0! This update covers a lot of long-standing issues with both customer-facing and business-facing ends of the app and the dashboard. The patch notes are as follows:

  • NEW!: Order status page added
  • Changed colour on bottom bar buttons to match selected state
  • Added back button functionality on Android
  • Fixed padding issue when location description not available
  • Fixes to payment, now happens at point of purchase
  • Captcha added to sign-up forms
  • Rejected orders now detected properly
  • Reduction in premature error messages when placing orders
  • Transactions can now be marked as ERRORED if something goes wrong in Lightspeed (deleted orders etc.)
  • Deleted Products archive on sync
  • Phone numbers and CVV codes now accept 0 at the front without deleting it upo submission
  • improvements to sync log and in general
  • basic filters on product dashboard for enabled, disabled and archived
  • clear search & filters button on product view
  • users now don’t need to verify their email to use the system
  • we now track when users have verified their email separately, confirmed in admin – this will be used to limit activity like reviews etc.
  • Signin now accessible via email and/or username
  • usernames limited to letters, numbers and underscores on registration
  • several tiny misc fixes (spelling mistakes etc.)
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