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iBe Loyalty BETA

iBe Loyalty is a community based loyalty, rewards, payments and ordering app.

We’re available as a WebApp only on mobile (Open BETA) with downloadable apps and a desktop version to follow soon!

iBe Safe

Pay with your phone at the till or order to your table. Safer for everyone!

iBe Local

Help support local businesses. We charge 0% commission on sales!

iBe Rewarded

Earn points with every purchase, saving you money when you treat yourself!

What is a BETA?


The app has been launched as a BETA, this allows you to be involved with the development process at an early stage and help influence our direction. One downside of this is that a BETA version will inevitably contain bugs and issues, we will do our best however to make sure they don’t impact your experience.

If you encounter any issues, we want to know!
Please contact support and our team will work with you to resolve the problem.



Known Issues


  • Email addresses from @me.com sometimes don’t receive the confirmation email – Please contact support using the link above from your registered email with your username and we will activate your account.
  • Some areas of the app require double-pressing to work – We are investigating all the areas where this occurs, please let us know if you find any.
  • Error 500 when trying to add a card – This is an issue to do with tokens being used prematurely. Close the app, re-open and try again, it should work! If not, you can still add your card through the dashboard here.