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In iBe v3, categories have had a huge facelift, and managing them has changed slightly!    Jump To: 1. Adding/Removing Categories 2. Category Images 3. Re-Ordering Categories   Your categories are presented more visually in iBe v3, appearing as...

Jump to: Syncing Products to iBe Adding Products in Lightspeed Adding a Simple Product Adding Images Adding Descriptions   Syncing Products to iBe   Important Note: If you add/remove any products from the Lightspeed back office, or...

Once you've added in your products from your till provider by doing a Till Provider Sync, you're able to toggle what shows on the app from the iBe Dashboard. This applies to...

Syncing iBe with your till provider is the best and easiest way to update and add any new items to your iBe locations. By completing a sync, you pull through from your...