New Vendor! – ALS Gongcha

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“Bespoke bubble tea brewed based on your taste. If you’ve never tried bubble tea before, this is a very good place to start!”



Now live on the iBe app for Delivery and Click & Collect!


ALS Gongcha is our second business outside of The Milestone Group to go onto the iBe app for click & collect and delivery! Their range of teas and bubble teas are really something to experience! Highly popular in Asia, bubble tea is making waves in the UK, as it is truly unique. Bubble tea is essentially a delicious tea-based drink, sweetened or unsweetened, with the addition of flavour-filled balls in edible shells that pop in your mouth!


With their central Sheffield location, it’s the perfect place to stop by and get something special. At the time of writing, ALS Gongcha is offering Delivery and Click & Collect.



The Goods

ALS Oolong Milk Tea with Bubble

Japanese Roasted Baked Milk Tea

Panda Cheese Foam Tea inc. Bubble & Kanten Jelly







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