Version Update – 2.8 Visual Overhaul

Version 2.8

iBe gets a major facelift!



Say hi to the new and improved iBe!


In all honesty, we weren’t 100% chuffed with iBe when it was first released. The global pandemic kind of forced us to put out an app that ‘worked’, but didn’t really work for us.

We collated feedback, redesigned features we didn’t like, stripped out the chaff, and here we are! We feel this is the best (re)starting point for iBe, and a brilliant base for us to build even more features onto.

New iBe Features!:

  • Brand new look! (we hope you like purple!)
    • Re-arranged the tabs along the bottom in line with what customers actually wanted
    • Brand new Help button, for easier access to iBe’s support channels
    • Venues have bigger and better banners to show off their offerings
    • Removed unnecessary features and re-jigged the location pages to get info across easier
  • Removed the original home page with guides/news (no one read them anyway!)
  • New ‘Order again’ banner for re-ordering things from your most recent places
  • iBe now opens on the Find/Order page once you log in, as that’s what everyone’s here for
  • New menu layout for each vendor, including a brand new category layout
    • Categories now laid out as tiles, with images being pulled through from the products within
    • Item descriptions now appear under each item in the list (super useful, it turns out!)
    • Mega-swish circular indicators for option sets on products that show progress on how many options you have selected
    • Re-designed basket layout, better for seeing what you’ve got and then adding/removing of products
  • Baskets now persist when browsing different locations
    • This means if you back out of a location, look at another, then return to the original location, your basket will still be full


We’re actually pretty proud of this iteration of iBe, and can’t wait to see where we go next. Initial feedback from our lovely vendors has all been really positive, so we’re sure this will be a huge leap forward for everyone.


Some other little things we also fixed in the background:

  • Receipts now show the correct time zone
  • Account managers can now sync vendor’s locations for them (really helps out in busy times)
  • iBe loyalty discount now comes through to the POS as an item on the order, not an overall percentage discount
  • Logos updated everywhere to our brand new one


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