Version Update – 1.0

Version 1.0

iBe is now at version 1, and is ready to rock ‘n’ roll!


After months of updates, fixes and feedback from both customers and vendors, we’re finally at version 1.0. This means we’re finally happy to call this version of the app a complete product that people can utilise effectively from sign-up to everyday use.



Customers can sign up for the app at and order from their table when at Cutlery Works in Sheffield, with more venues and vendors on the way! Most of the following features have been in iBe since the start, but here’s a nice summary of everything an iBe customer can do:

  • Earn loyalty points on their spend
  • Redeem said loyalty points on subsequent spending
  • View the wallet they have accrued points into, and see where they can use them
  • Save promotions to their wallets for future reference
  • NEW!: Vouchers codes are now redeemable in the app, which gives the customer credit to use in any given wallet
  • NEW!: Can now see exactly how far away a venue is from their current location


Business users have seen an even greater increase in functionality with this new version. We’ve had a lot of feedback regarding the functionality of the iBe Dashboard, and have worked hard to make it the best it can be! Like above, most of the following features below have been included in iBe since the start, but here’s a nice little list to sum up everything a business user can do on iBe:

  • Receive orders through the Lightspeed POS System (fka Kounta)
  • Accept and reject orders from the POS
  • Manage their product list and menu through the intuitive Lightspeed interface
  • Have product show across multiple categories
  • Sync products through to iBe from Lightspeed quickly at the touch of a button
  • Disable products/categories/option sets from the iBe Dashboard, so they disappear from the app in seconds
  • Edit their Location Page on the app, including images, description, booking link and opening times!
  • Add promotions for customers to save to their wallets
  • NEW!: Can now request for voucher codes to be created for them. These are perfect for selling gift vouchers, giving away in competitions or whatever you can thing of!



Along with these features, there have been a tonne of fixes across the entire platform for ease of use and general requests

  • Images can now be removed from content and promotions
  • Images now display at a reasonable size when editing content/promotions
  • Better user search for the iBe team when searching for users
  • Optimisations for stability and speed
  • Improvements to payment error handling
  • Disabled locations no longer come up in search
  • Promotion count on wallets fixed
  • Fix for no credit, now shows £0 on option sets rather than —
  • Fix for back button disrupting checkout
  • Fixed login page issues
  • Additional help messages on add card screen
  • More detail when payments failed



We are super happy with how iBe has turned out, and we have way more features and fixes planned for future versions. Stay tuned to see how iBe develops and grows with our users and vendors!


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