Version Update – 2.0

Version 2.0

Delivery and Click & Collect in the app!


Hooray! We’ve got Delivery and Click & Collect fully integrated into the iBe app, powered by the Stuart delivery service. Customers of iBe can now find their favourite vendors on the app at, scroll through the menu like when ordering from their table, then order for click and collect or delivery! They can then earn loyalty points against their orders as well.


With this new system, customers are able to save multiple addresses into their account, and pay with their registered payment card(s). The order status screen now lists the estimated arrival time of your order, or when you’re due to collect the order instead.



  • NEW!: ‘Order at Table’ button now changed to ‘View Menu and Order’, which includes all the new ordering methods
    • This allows users to view the location’s menu without entering their table number/other details
    • The order method selection now appears after you’ve finished adding products to your cart and pressed ‘Checkout’
    • Information regarding each order type, like address or table number is entered after the order method is selected
    • Change desired Delivery/Pickup times based on the venue’s lead time
    • Track Deliveries on a map!
  • Password confirmation box now on sign-up form
  • Basket system completely reworked, and is now much faster


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