Version Update – 2.1.5

Version 2.1.5

General Fixes from v2.0


After the release of v2.0, the developers have been busy fixing some issues that cropped up from general use out in the field. We also got a few new features for the iBe team to be able to better manage all of our lovely vendors.



  • Account managers can now access sites remotely without needing specific customer credentials
  • Account managers can now sync vendor’s sites for them
  • Users can now set a maximum total delivery cost they want to split with the customer. This ensures business can limit their radius of delivery.
  • Delivery cost sharing is now configurable to be either a fixed amount per order, or a percentage of the total delivery cost
  • Deliveries now automatically fail when a driver cannot be found
  • General speed fixes for using delivery at peak times
  • iBe Dashboard now display the last item synced before an error occurs, helping diagnose menu problems
  • Products now won’t re-enable themselves after a sync
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